It's Giveaway time! Enter to win a FREE Powersheets Planner!

At the time I’m writing this, it’s the holiday season and I couldn’t think of a more fun and more abundant way to embrace the season than a giveaway! As I begin setting my intentions for 2019, I snatched up some 2019 Powersheets Planners to share with YOU!

This week only, I’m giving away a 2019 Powersheets Planner to ONE lucky winner! (teal!)

Our winner will be selected on Friday, 12/7 at 5:00 pm

Here’s how to enter the 2019 Powersheets Planner Giveaway

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How to get BONUS Giveaway Entries

Yes, you can totally get bonus entries! There are a few ways to get bonus entries and strengthen your chances of winning.

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Get BONUS entries by referring your friends!

Get BONUS entries when you share this link with your friends! See that photo above where it says “Refer your friends?” here’s what happens when you click on it:

In the image above, you see a special link-when you click “refer a friend,” you get your own custom link to share. You can share this link directly with your friends via email or text, you can share it to your facebook profile or business page, on pinterest, as an instagram post, or in your stories. Your custom link will keep track of your bonus entries for us.

Why Powersheets?

I love goal setting-in fact, I have my own system that I love (more on that soon ;), but while I develop my system out, the Powersheets Planner has an incredible goal setting section that helps you dig deep into what you REALLY want from your sweet life.

It’s JUST the kind of resource I’d recommend to anyone I work with and I want one lucky lady to get her hands on one for FREEEEEE!

Did you enter? Comment below and let me know!!

planner images courtesy of Cultivate What Matters