My 3 step framework for organic business growth

The Organic Growth Framework

  1. Establish value

  2. Create connection

  3. Systematize and scale


Establish value

You should be clearly communicating the value of your product and/or service on a regular basis. Value isn’t you telling people why spending money with you is worth it, instead it’s you understanding WHAT your buyer wants and you connecting them with it. THAT is value. Selling anything else is selling features.

Here are three questions to ask to help you map out your value:

What does my ideal client need?

How does my service help them get there?

How can I communicate that in a way that they would get?


Create Connection

When I think of connection, I often picture a coffee date with a friend. A 1:1 connection where we have a meaningful heart to heart. It’s a high level of investing of time and soul, so when I think of scaling my income up, I immediately thought it would mean giving that kind of investment...but just to more people.

But that’s not the case! When I stepped back from my coffee-date image, I realized that I met a lot of people, but only went out to coffee with my closest friends. So...getting to that point in business meant meeting a lot of people and building relationships with the “coffee date friends”

This can be done in networking events, online in facebook groups, on live, join lives with others, igtv, and podcast interviews. Then nurture connections just like you might in a personal friendship. The goal this time, however, is to determine if your service gets these new leads where they’d like to go.


Systematize and Scale

There comes a time in business where you realize that you’ve sold all the time you can and you’re still not making the money you’d like to make. If you read this article on misconceptions around organic growth, this is the point where most business owners stop growing if they’re holding those limiting beliefs. And honestly, scaling is the magic sauce of organic growth! This is where you WANT to be.

Systematizing and scaling simply means choosing your priorities and then training trusted people to do anything NOT in your priorities. It helps you keep your business moving forward without being the one to do it all, know it all, or sell it all. But…it’s not possible until you create systems.

Scaling is most possible when you’ve created strong systems in business and identified your zone of genius. When you’ve done this, you’ll realize that anything outside of your zone of genius is something you can hire an independent contractor, company or employee to do for you.

So, do you have systems in place? If you had to check out for a few days and have someone else run your business, what would you want to train them to do first? Make a list of the top 3 things and record trainings on those.

Where are you in the framework? And how can you move into the next level? Comment below and share your thoughts!