How to Brainstorm Your Way to Original Content

Content creation is really one of the most valuable tools you can create in your business. When you have great content, it attracts in new leads, it establishes your expertise, it helps qualify potential clients, and it increases your perceived value.

Not creating content is one of most detrimental things you can do in your business. So why don’t people do it? What’s the hold up? 

The biggest roadblocks to creating great content

There are a few reasons we often fall back on when we're not making the content we know our business needs. I'm right with ya-I get blocks around creating content and then hear myself saying some of these too! Which feels most real for you?

Content Creation Block #1: You’re busy DOING your job.

You feel like stopping to write a blog post, create a freebie, or a video for your clients means you have to give up actually doing the work they hired you to do...right? I've felt this pressure!

Content Creation Block #2: Analysis Paralysis

You hear that you need to grow your email list, grow your audience, and grow your bank account. But which one should you start with?? Looking at all your options leaves you feeling a little dizzy and overwhelmed. Do I focus on my email list? No-write a blog post? Maybe hop on a live. No...ALL of them at once. And of course...then you do nothing. Analysis paralysis sets in and trips you up before you even start.

Content Creation Block #3: It's already been done!

You’re out of ideas. OR you think that your ideas have already been done. If I could have a dollar for every time a client told me "I can't write about (X), it's already been done a thousand times." I'd be a wealthy woman. 

4 ways to brainstorm original content ideas

Today, let's focus on generating ideas first. We can decide what to do with them later, but let's make sure we've got some great ideas ready to house somewhere first.

 In this video, I'm laying out 4 key methods I use to generate original content ideas! 

No more "that's already been written a thousand times!" 

The 4 ways I use to generate original content ideas

Capture ideas right away

The first step to being really awesome at brainstorming is simply to capture your ideas! (Yeah, it's that simple!) Keep a running list on your notes app and learn to notice new ideas, frustration points, pain points, or things that you're an expert on and can help people change. 

Schedule a post-mortem

I started creating my BEST content when I began to schedule a post mortem, or self-reflection time after every meeting I had, starting a few years ago. Yep, every one! Weddings, new client calls, etc. I buffer all my meetings by about 15-30 min when possible and write afterward. 

Here's the thing: when you start really digging in and serving your tribe, you start to notice repeat questions. And answering them in an evergreen form (blog posts, videos, social media posts, emails, etc.) allows you to serve your tribe, even when you can't answer the same questions in a one-to-one way. So in my post-mortems, I write down: 

  • Questions I answered

  • Pain points or problems people are facing.

Record and share your processes

If your ideal client is someone doing the same work as you, pay attention to what you do in your job and write out your processes to share with others

Build community

Most importantly, create content that invites potential clients into your life! Find the way that feels most natural to you to build a sense of community around your brand and mission. If you aren't sure where to start here, just come from a place of genuinely being willing to help others and try things!

What do you do with your new ideas?

Keep random ideas on your notes app or in a notebook to capture your ideas wherever you are. Then, create a spreadsheet on google docs with content categories and ideas. Take the ideas you've been collecting and separate your ideas by category.

Now, to keep up with your new brainstorming superpowers, give yourself time once a week or month to add your new ideas into your spreadsheet. 

Comment below and tell me: what makes you feel stuck when you try to create new content in your business?