How to deal with clients who "ghost" you | Top business complaints series

“Anyone else feel like there’s a major upswing in ghosting? I get ghosted all the time!” complained yet another photographer in a facebook group.

I see it all the time and feel sad that this topic creates so much stress for so many photographers! So, let’s break this topic down and solve it once and for all!

What is “ghosting?”

The idea of ghosting is that a potential client reaches out for the information they’re seeking (pricing) and then, when they get it, they stop responding to the seller. They move on. It can be discouraging and stressful to experience this. You’re not alone, don’t worry. But let’s look at some sales facts so we can think bigger and create some solutions together.

Sales is a numbers game. There will always be a percentage of buyers who are comparison shopping and, if you didn’t capture their attention, they’ll just move on.

They don’t owe you an explanation or a notification that they’re moving on. They just do. That’s the hard part.

If you’re not talking to enough people or doing something to capture their attention, you’re not getting enough data to know what those rates are for your business.

The problem with the idea of feeling bad that people “ghosted” you has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you

3 problems with client ghosting

  1. You’re not talking to enough people-If you need to talk with 10 people to get 1 sale, but you’ve only talked to 1, chances are, you’ve talked to the 10% who are comparison shopping. 

  2. You’re taking strangers’ decisions personally (I know. It can be hard not to-you care about your business and are proud of the service you offer and it sucks to feel undervalued or unnoticed).

  3. Your process isn’t serving people well-The most limited quantity on the market is your clients’ attention. If you’re not proactively capturing their attention, ghosting is a natural result.

What to do if you feel like you get “ghosted” by potential clients

I’m sharing a one time peak into the Breakthrough Mastermind by sharing three tips to help you stop getting ghosted:

Tip #1: Create a daily outreach plan

Talking to new people daily about how you can serve them will help broaden your horizons and put you in proactive, not reactive mode in your business. How can you be reaching out to new people every. Single. Day ? (I break this down in the mastermind)

Tip #2: Think “as if” 

Sometimes we get so focused on the fact that people ghost us that we forget that there are a lot of people who have actually chosen us-they’ve said yes, paid, and signed! 

It may seem obvious now, but our brains’ factory default settings are to only see the negative. It’s called negativity bias and is simply our brains trying to keep us safe and comfortable. But...we are responsible to customize our brain settings. 

So, here’s one simple and profound way to do that in your sales process. Before your next sales call, start visualizing how it would feel if that potential client said yes? Feel the excitement, hold that for a few minutes or seconds, take some deep breaths, then take that call. 

When we operate from an “as if” place, we’re actually communicating to the universe (God) what we want. Clearly and concisely. 

Sometimes our problem is very simply fixating on what we DON’T want and not fixating on what we DO want. 

Would you request an Uber, hop in and, when the driver asks “so, where am I taking you?” reply “anywhere but the airport!” 


So why do that in business? It’s time to create some clarity and focus. I walk you through a comprehensive 4 step process for rewiring your thinking in the Breakthrough Mastermind and it. Is. lifechanging. 

Tip #3: Upgrade your sales process

Often, people ghosting is a result of not having a know/like/trust factor with you. They take info and run, comparing their top options because what else would they have to do? 

Them ghosting is more a reflection on YOU than on them. So, how can you create that know/like/trust factor from that first contact? 

Be strategic and service oriented-when is it actually most helpful for clients to get pricing? How can you help educate them for free? Here are a few things I’ve done:
1. I’ve sent free videos and guides right away

2. I’ve answered their questions just enough to create a next step

3. I’ve gotten them on calls early in the process to deepen our connection and ask questions.

Ghosting be gone!

Whatever the case may be, ghosting doesn’t need to feel like a problem any more. And if these bite-sized tips were helpful for you, you have to join the Breakthrough Mastermind where this is just a sampling of the change we create together in your business. 

So, let me ask you this: 

how long do you want to continue dealing with the stress of customers ghosting on you? 

How many calls could you close with new skills that you don’t have yet? 

How much would you pay to know you could close more new clients each month? 



It’s a high value set of skills. 

I’m teaching them in the Breakthrough Mastermind. 

And I won’t charge you $10k. 

I won’t even charge you $5k for now. 


Because I don’t want there to be anything in the way of you thriving in your business.
So, if you’re ready to learn how to really stop client ghosting once and for all, click the button below to learn more!