How to keep track of your best ideas

This past week I was trying to make sure that I regularly get out for walks and I noticed a really interesting thing about myself. On one particular walk I had a lot of good ideas come up that I was excited about. But not too long ago I would have been really upset if I had these good ideas while I wasn’t working. Have you been there before? Scared to take your hands off the wheel because the good ideas might just leave you? I have. Here’s what I did:


Fear: The good ideas will come and then leave

I noticed that I had a fear that all the good ideas would come to mind while I was away from my computer or phone. I felt so much scarcity around this fear that I would then avoid things that were really good for me, like putting my phone away for a bit or getting out for some exercise.

What I eventually started to do was to check myself, and ask myself, “Where can I tap into abundance in this to allow me to understand that the good ideas will be there exactly when I’m ready for them?” The ideas don’t just come in and leave me.

Now, I have no fear of abandonment for these new ideas. I think the fear that the good things will leave us is so common in the creative entrepreneurial space. We have so many fears -

  • that all the good clients will leave us,

  • that the good ideas will leave us, or

  • that all the most original content will go to someone else.

This is such a common fear, but let me share a few tips to help you when you want to capture your best ideas AND be away from your computer.

Life Hack: Voice Memo App

To help me capture my best ideas, I started using the voice memo app to talk out ideas that pop into my head. Doing this actually has really helped me to generate more ideas. I started to notice that once I got one idea out, a new idea would come up. Recording myself on the voice memo app gave me the peace of mind that those ideas were safely tucked away for me to access later. 


Life Hack: Develop Systems

As I’ve grown my business, I’ve needed to develop systems so I could pass off tasks to other people. Before I created systems, I was just running off of a checklist inside of my brain-it felt chaotic trying to remember everything! Now my processes are organized and systematized so I can pass projects off to others and focus on my zone of genius. 

So, if you are new in your business, you might be thinking how do I go about making systems? Do not worry, all of that will come, be patient. Make sure that you know what your doing first because the “how” will not make sense until you have a really clear understanding of what you are doing. 

Often in the first two years or so in your business, you are working out a lot of kinks and you’re trying a lot of new things. It’s easy to feel impatient during this time because we just want to figure out what WORKS, not all the things that don’t work. Just keep an open, curious mind. Keep trying things and remember that even though something is not working right now, you are just one failure closer to the thing that is going to work! 

When you find something that works, make a duplicatable process out of it so you can pass it to someone else in the future!


Life Hack: Exercise to generate new ideas

When I was on that walk I realized that I used to resent exercise because I’d get such great ideas and be scared that they’d all go away! But getting that exercise helps to connect your conscious and subconscious which then allows you to stimulate creative thinking. So…get your body moving! It will enahnce your creative thinking! And, now that you know, have that voice memo app ready to go when you are exercising to capture those ideas that come through while you’re moving your body!