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Instead of a more formal blog post, I wanted to share something from my heart with you. As I’ve sought to build an abundant business this year, I had started seeing some amazing things happening in my life.

Building an abundant business in 2018

I was attracting clients, random checks, quarters in my cart, drinks at weddings, etc. I was ON the frequency of abundance.

But…something had been missing for a long time. Abundance isn’t just receiving. It isn’t just rolling in the money. It also chooses to proactively give. To share benevolently with others.

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Finding a missing piece to creating an abundant business

Giving to charity has long been something on my heart, but every time I’d want to “figure out” the charity giving piece I felt led to, I'd get overwhelmed-there were so many options that I’d get analysis paralysis and do nothing.

Finally one day I decided to let it go. The right opportunity would present itself and I’d have no doubts about what I would be giving to. Not more than a few hours later, my mother-in-law mentioned the program that my sister-in-law is a part of and everything clicked!

Down in the Southland | a program for children with Down Syndrome

My sister-in-law is named Hadley. She’s a bright and beautiful 11 year old who was born with Down Syndrome. She has been a part of the program Down in the Southland for several years and has had the incredible chance to be a part of programs that specifically educate and integrate children with Down’s into activities that are often off-limits to them.

Because of this incredible program, Hadley has been able to be in plays, take gymnastics and dance, have dance recitals, be a part of sports teams specifically paced toward the learning needs of children who have downs.

This program is so life giving to so many families. Each family does need to raise money each year to help the program continue, but most families are stretched thin caring for a child with special needs, attending IEP’s, special meetings, and caring for their other children. Children with Downs often have significant health issues (Hadley alone has had open heart surgery and some extended hospital stays). This type of program is JUST the thing to cheer them up, but often parents are struggling to juggle all the needs their child has.

The Successful Creative 2019 Giving

in 2019, I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be donating a portion of every booking from my two signature programs to Down in the Southland.

Curious about my signature programs? Here are the two ways you’ll be able to work with me live on business mindset and strategy in 2019:

A unique hybrid mastermind specifically for early stage entrepreneurs

If you’re ready for one-to-one guidance as you create clarity and grow your business, increase your profits, and delight your customers, private coaching is the thing for you.

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