'Tis the season for abundance! | Abundance mindset tips for creative entrepreneurs

Did you realize that the advent season is the perfect opportunity to practice abundance? In a season of giving and receiving this is the PERFECT time for one of the most overlooked parts to living in abundance.

How an advent song taught me about abundance

Last week, I was washing dishes and humming one of my favorite Advent songs. When I got to the chorus, I think ALL the lightbulbs in my mind were going off at once! Let me share my breakthrough about abundance in advent

Prepare him room.

Prepare him room.

Let the King of glory enter in

~Sovereign Grace Ministries

All of a sudden, I realized what the song was saying.

Make room in order to receive!

What was the ONE thing Mary and Joseph heard during their attempts to find a place for Mary to labor and deliver her baby?

There’s no room

Do you know that this is one of the biggest reasons we deflect or miss abundance in our lives? There’s no room!

How I manifested my dream car and Chanel bag

And then I thought back to the times this past year when I manifested some of the biggest material goods of our lives.

When I manifested our car, I tried and tried to find one in time, but each time I would see a listing for the car we wanted, it would already be sold. It wasn’t until I cleaned out our garage and found a home for my old car that the new one came into our lives.

It was the same with my Chanel bag. I had dreamed of owning a Chanel bag. It became my reward for reaching my money goal in 2018.

As I neared my goal, I began looking for my dream handbag. But no matter what I found, there was always something a little off about the handbags on the market.

But, then I started preparing room for this very special handbag. I created a special place to store it between uses. I cleaned up my wallet, throwing out receipts, organizing my bills and cards, removing things I wasn’t using.

As soon as I did this, the bag I had in mind went on the market at a price I dreamed of. I was ready to receive-I had prepared room!

How to let go in order to receive

You know, it’s the same in our hearts, our businesses, our relationships, and our lives. Everything we want needs room. What if, as we prepared for Christmas this year, we made room first? Room for more love, more material goods, more time, more money, and more LIFE?

This past weekend, I did that in some really practical ways.

my abundant advent challenge

Earlier this week, I had told Stephen “I feel like we need to make space in our home this weekend. You know, like let’s donate or sell things we’re not using, clean up the garage and basement, and make sure everything has a home.”

I didn’t know why I felt that way at the time, but I trusted and planned to prepare room. If nothing else, I knew we were about to unwrap a bunch of presents and the thought of adding more “stuff” to our expanse of “stuff” already felt a little overwhelming. I had this urge to make space in our home for the new things coming.

So, I began preparing room. And the journey brought up some surprising things. Tune in for my next post, where I chronicle my personal abundant advent challenge and comment below-does this make you want to make room in your life?