Success begins in your mind

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Everything we have in life can be traced back to our thoughts. Our thoughts create our actions and therefore our results.

So success isn’t the product of a new marketing strategy or a prettier website. Success, at its core is a product of a specific type of mindset.


Hi, I’m Stephanie!

I’ve been studying the human brain for over a decade and I’ve found time and again that your thoughts create your reality. But I was skeptical about that fact.

So I created my own science experiment to see if this was real. I stumbled on my own system, tested it and found out that it worked.

We can change our thoughts and therefore change our lives!

If we believe that’s true, then everything we want starts inside of us…

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do you really want success?

Your brain is trained to keep you safe. But success isn’t safe. That’s why I help female founders, entrepreneurs, and high performers retrain their brains to become their greatest tool and bring them the success they want in their businesses.

Here’s how to get it!


a1:1 90 day program to help you create your success mindset

Using my signature 4-step method I call the breakthrough method (™), we work through a scientifically proven process to foundationally change your thinking and start helping you get you what you really want in your business and life. Once you learn this method, you will be able to use these foundational tools every day for as long as you live.










who is the Breakthrough Method (™) for?

  • female founders and entrepreneurs on the verge of burnout-their business looks healthy and full on the outside, but they are filled with comparison, fixed mindset, and overwhelm.

  • high performers that can’t figure out how to kick their comparison monsters out of their mind

  • enneagram enthusiasts and self-help lovers who are ready to stop being their own worst enemy

  • The woman who’s ready to stop self-sabotaging when things are going well for her

Why does the Breakthrough Method (™) work?

Just like customizing your newest iPhone, our brains come with default settings that are meant to be customized. Most of the population just doesn’t know this. Using a combination of brain science, psychology, and NLP, we’re tapping into your brain’s natural ability to create habits and using that to our advantage. Instead of safety-based habits, it’s time to create success habits.


Where most people go wrong

This all probably sounds simple enough-so why don’t we see more successful people? Most people use the right tools at the wrong time (hello affirmations and journaling), don’t get support to help them see their blind spots and stop far too soon.

But you’re not like most people are you?