Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Your coach & biggest fan

7 years ago I was an elementary teacher and part time business owner. I felt safest relying on someone else to tell me what to do and give me a paycheck…even if I was only making $20,000 a year. Safe was best.

Entrepreneurship made me feel unsafe, so I hid behind my husband in our photography business…which led to a big mess in a few years.

For me, that time came our fourth year in business when I realized I'd run our business into the ground because I was so scared to do anything new. We hadn't had a new booking in over 8 months. And I didn’t know it, but I was about to hit rock bottom.

On New Year’s Eve that year, we photographed one of the most difficult weddings of our career and I lost a baby while photographing.

Following that, I lost a major business deal, a dear friend, and a family member. In a matter of weeks, I felt like everything I touched crumbled before me-my body, my business, my relationships, my business, and my identity.

I remember the moment that I realized I needed help. I had just enough money to make it through slow season and I was talking with a coach who cost that exact amount of money.

I was shaking and sobbing, but I knew one thing to be true:

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

The moment I clicked “sign contract” to hire my first private coach was the moment things began shifting for me. Why? Not because I hired a certain coach, but for the first time, I was betting on MY success.

It wasn't long before I started experiencing massive breakthroughs. I learned about abundance, began studying the human brain, and created my own mindset routines to replace my old fixed mindset with beliefs in abundance and growth. In a few short months, I single handedly booked our calendar full for the next year while increasing our sales average by $600/sale. I manifested my dream house and car, and became pregnant with our son.

My whole life transformed. Could this work for others?

Surely, if I could do it, others could too, right?

Using my signature scientific approach, I started testing my methods with others and found that the successes weren't limited to me! I had learned how to hardwire my brain for success instead of safety. And it was something that I could replicate over and over with each new client.

As we worked on a success mindset and releasing limiting beliefs, we started unlocking business opportunities my clients were blind to before. I watched their sales averages soar by $800-2,000 per sale.

I found that, even though we weren't talking about the numbers yet, when we worked on mindsets and aligning their business with their true purpose, the numbers began correcting themselves. Soon, their income began to reflect the true value of what my clients were offering. 

Why did it work for us? The common thread for our success is this:

We learned to hardwire our brains for success

Because of THAT, everything changed.

I want that for you. Because the reality is that, as small business owners, we all get pretty scared sometimes. And we all need someone to come alongside us and say "I've been there-here's the path."

You're not alone, my friend. Let's team up and make your business something you AND your clients truly believe in.

Your thoughts create your reality. Change your thoughts and you change your life.
— Stephanie