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After a bunch of painful losses all crammed into a tight 6 week time frame, I was majorly in my own head.

Running a business became overwhelming and I was stuck, big time

Maybe this is you too-you live with daily fears, frustrations, and comparison that you haven't taken a beat to think about because you're chasing some dream of "more" in your life and business.

I get it-that was me a few years ago! While I didn't know what to do, I began journaling. And I started noticing that, everytime I journaled, I got TONS of stuff done in my business afterward.

There's some brain science behind journaling (yeah, it's not just a way to get in touch with your feelings!) but for now, trust me-these questions can give you SO much clarity and direction that it may surprise you.

This workbook is for you if you're stuck. In your head. And not sure what to do about it. Grab a pen, clear your schedule for a few minutes, and put your phone in another room. Slowing down really can be what speeds you up.