Master Your Marketing Online Workshop


Master Your Marketing Online Workshop


Waiting for new clients stinks. Wondering if you’ll ever book another client is the worst. And a few years ago, that’s how I thought. Things like:

“business is hard.”

“marketing feels sleezy”

“I don’t wanna sound “salesy” because people will never buy from me.”

“I need to just be SO GOOD that people fall at my feet throwing money at me in all my goddess glory.”

Instead of asking “where’s the money going to come from?” I taught myself how to go out there and get it.

And that’s exactly what I’ll teach you in this naptime-length workshop. Join now and learn:

  • My 3 bucket system for planning when, where, and HOW to bring new clients into my business.

  • My Sold Out Offer Formula

  • and How to make your next $1000 on Black Friday. (basically, let’s make back your ticket price at least 5x. Is that okay with you, boo?)

I show you how I’ve done this with a behind the scenes peak at not only my marketing plan, but my techniques to create sales that feel fun and effortless.

I show you my 3 step framework to help you create:

  • An offer that sells

  • Buzz around your brand

  • Increased monthly sales

  • People excited to buy from you

Here’s what you’ll need for this online workshop:

  • A yearly calendar (a 12 month wall calendar is perfect)

  • A notebook/pen

  • A product or service that you already sell

Join this online workshop now!

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