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“let this be your ‘yes’ moment.”

I started business coaching with Stephanie at a vulnerable time in my business. I was two years in, struggling with confidence, and not knowing exactly how to market my business for growth (or really even where to start). I loved what I was doing, but wasn’t making the revenue needed to be able to go full time, nor did I really know how to get there.

This is why I started coaching with Stephanie. I needed the guidance that I could no longer get from podcasts, free online guides, and help from peers. I needed one on one coaching, where I could be vulnerable about where I was and have someone speak directly into MY business and my goals.

Stephanie listened to where I was, heard my heart for my business, and was able to create a plan that helped me boost my revenue, my confidence, and help put me on a trajectory that will lead me to going full time.

Stephanie gives you the tools you need to start putting action to your ideas, cheers you on along the way, and helps pull you forward when you get stuck. Stephanie was so patient with me and took the time to answer my questions and guide me when I got stuck.

Her affirmations and advice really gave me the courage to take action and truly take the reigns on my business. (She’s basically my personal cheerleader and she feels this way about all her clients.) It’s amazing what a little confidence and a little encouragement will do for you.

I’m seeing growth on social media, increased average sale revenue (from $1000 to $2500 a sale in three months), setting goals and achieving them, trying new marketing strategies and implementing necessary ones, learning from failures, and overall so much more confidence in everything I go for.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need it, let this be your “yes” moment. Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned professional, I think everyone has something to learn from Stephanie and she’ll help you push your business further than you imagine!

~Riley Whitson Photography

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My mindset changes made working with Stephanie the Greatest investment I made this year.

"Before working with Stephanie, I’d spent thousands of dollars on courses and masterminds looking for answers. But I was still lost, confused and unsure of myself and my businesses.

I was so afraid of everything and felt like I wasn’t worthy of a successful business.

When I began working with Stephanie, she made me feel so safe and there was no judgement. I had never experienced something like that before.

When I first started working with Stephanie, I had two businesses and was debating closing one. I wanted to do both but I was filled with doubts.

Now I know I can do both. :) I do have something to offer the world

Since working with Stephanie, I've had new opportunities I would have previously turned down out of fear. Just today I posted some insta-stories and I had people tell me I am more confident. My friends and family have noticed a change in me.

Someone asked me to be a part of her new course recently-before working with Stephanie, I probably would have said no, but because of our work together, I said YES!

I have gotten my work featured on Martha Stewart Weddings and Magnolia Rouge, a big goal of mine.

Stephanie helped me build and launch a black friday sale that added an extra $4000 of income for this year that I wouldn’t have thought of making otherwise.

The biggest change for me? My mindset! Just this change made me know that working with Stephanie was the greatest investment I made this year!"

~Silbia Ro, Camellia Fiber Co., House of Modern Letters

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my time with Stephanie completely shifted my life and business as a whole.

Before working with Stephanie, I was a hot mess. I was always worried that I was missing out on business.

I was grasping at straws to get any business I could and was always questioning myself and my value.

Stephanie helped me realize I had a lot of blocks around my success and my value.

I can honestly say that my time with Stephanie completely shifted my life and business as a whole.

The way she approaches helping you find your footing and take ownership of your business has paid off in my life in dividends.

My family can attest to the fact that I'm a much happier person because my mindset work in coaching.

Because of Stephanie, I launched a second business, and raised my wedding photography pricing by $2300/sale, but...

Even if there wasn't a tangible result, my investment in coaching would still have been worth it because it changed my life.

~Sarah Porter Photography

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Now I see that I hold the power in my business—I am the one who controls it.

Before coaching, I felt lost and a distinct lack of confidence in my work. People were telling me that I was charging too much or that it would take years to get where I wanted to go.

In short, I felt like a fraud.

Stephanie's guidance began with addressing blocks that were hindering me from moving forward—things about my mindset that I didn’t even realize were a problem. She then provided me with a framework on which I could build my business.

I now feel that I have the authority to set a goal and make it happen. And the best part of that is that I can dream big—and those dreams have more clarity than before coaching

Before coaching, I believed that my success was completely dependent on the market in which I was functioning. Now I see that I hold the power in my business—I am the one who controls it.

"Hiring you was worth every penny and probably a whole lot more! I’ve definitely made back the money that I invested in coaching. And I’ve made some really great changes in my business—including raising my prices THREE TIMES since our last coaching session! (that's over $1000 per sale!)

~Amanda Ly Warren Photography

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Through working with her, I launched a new lifestyle blogging segment of my brand.

Before working with Stephanie, I was really discouraged in my business, I was burnt out taking on low budget sessions and feeling a lack of confidence in myself.

Through group coaching with Stephanie, I was able to visualize the future for my business. She helped me see limiting beliefs that were holding me back and find my giftings. Through working with her, I launched a new lifestyle blogging segment of my brand. I love this new work.

I'm making money from my new businesses now, and I'm a lot more focused and confident than before group coaching.

~Kellie Kaminski Lifestyle

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